Category: Yoga

  • How did yoga originate

    While Yoga is a relatively new thing for the Western world, the East has seen centuries if not millennia of it. With a history almost as long as 3 thousand years, this fitness/meditation practice initially originated in India. But what you don’t…

  • The story of the Mandala Mural

    YogaWorks is ecstatic to have our Main Street studio in Santa Monica adorned with an amazing mural from Beautify Earth. Hear from Beautify Earth co-founder Ruben Rojas and artist Daniel Darkoski about the inspiration for the project and how it all came together.

  • Practicing Gratitude

    Some lessons from our parents stand out above the others. I remember my Dad telling me that the people who are happiest are the people who are the most grateful. What an inspiring lesson. It took me a while to really appreciate its power.

  • Primrose Gives Back

    It’s that time of year again! Time to focus on the gratitude we have for the wonderful things in our lives, and to open our hearts and give back to our community, friends, family and even ourselves. What you give, you receive in abundance.

  • Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

    Pumpkins aren’t just for carving! Pumpkins boast a variety of health benefits, including beta-carotene (a cancer fighter), carotenoids (great for healthy skin), Vitamin C (great for your immune system) and VItamin A (antioxidant, good for vision).