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  • Malibu Dream Airstream

    Malibu Dream Airstream

    After an adventure-packed New York fashion week, I came home to find that Emil planned a surprise getaway for us! While I was away, he booked an RV converted into a studio apartment, which we’ve been eyeing for a while but could never find the right time to rent due to scheduling conflicts. So, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I found out that the following morning we’ll be leaving to spend a few days in Malibu, in our dream camper, surrounded by nothing but nature and infinite views of the ocean!

  • Pink Crush

    Pink Crush

    Fall color palette is usually all about darker, richer hues like burgundy, chocolate brown, navy and of course the classic black. But what is so different this season, is that we are seeing quite a bit of brighter colors, like mustard yellow for example, but also a few softer shades like pink. Personally, I couldn’t be happier because aside from the fact that this lovely shade of grayish-pink happens to be a particular favorite of mine, I must admit, I love it when I can inject a bit of color into my fall/winter wardrobe.

  • VivaLuxury Jewelry Collection

    VivaLuxury Jewelry Collection

    Today, one of my biggest dreams becomes a reality, and it is with great pleasure that I unveil my debut jewelry collection. I’ve been very fortunate to grow up with two amazing women in my family, my grandmother and my mother. Strong, independent, and above all incredibly intelligent, both of them served as a source of inspiration in every aspect of my life, and when time came to design my very first jewelry collection, I couldn’t think of two people who could inspire me more.